The CrownCollection

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” – Vincent Van Gogh

The Crown Collection is the most unique, high-end, space-art collection. Built on a foundation of love, nature and creativity; my collection brings together the greatest artists with the rarest specimens this world has to offer. I meticulously select minerals for their exclusivity and unique characteristics; and I work with some of the most sought after artisans. My collection is universal and infinite as it includes jewelry, minerals, paintings, functional glass, photography, sculptures, clothing, digital art, etc.

My collection was founded in 2010 due to my appreciation for the time, creativity and sensitivity that goes into one-of-a-kind art. What began as a passionate hobby has grown into a community of artists and art lovers. As you browse my store I encourage you to share your favorite work with a friend or family member. Art is for everyone and it can truly change lives. – Ryan

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