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Graham Bandt-Law

Graham Bandt-Law discovered his passion for working in metal when he first picked up a jeweler’s saw in his family’s garage. Since that day, he’s committed himself to the practice of jewelry making and the study of precious gems and metals. Bandt-Law has received brief formal training from San Francisco’s Revere Academy and GRS, but credits much of his creative evolution to colleagues and mentors, including (but not limited to) Thomas Dailing, Dalan Hargrave, Adam Ramsayer, Chris SER, and Sarah Williamson. He is grateful for the inclusive and symbiotic jewelry making culture currently blossoming in the US, and is proud to be a part of it. Bandt-Law current works from a fully-equipped studio in West Oakland, California, and strives to blend traditional jewelry making techniques with innovative methods made available by the latest technology. He is inspired by space travel, motorcycle culture, dystopian wastelands, and futuristic cityscapes. He seeks to make people feel things they’ve never felt before – all through the glimmer of metal and stone.

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