Tyler K.C. Kahn

Tyler “K.C.” Kahn has been a presence in the world of wearable fine art jewelry since 2000–and it shows. His signature gold and platinum weaving coupled with gems and minerals of the utmost quality is unmistakeable, and his love for his practice and the raw materials themselves shines through in each piece. Originally from San Diego, California, Tyler currently resides in Santa Cruz, raising his three children Jasper, Estrella, and Sterling. He completed the Graduate Gemologist program at Gemological Institute of America in 2001, and has pursued mining operations at San Diego’s Queen Mine, Hercules Mine, and Little Three Mine. From 2006 to 2007, Tyler curated the Talisman Collective, which fostered a community of like-minded visionary jewelers. Over the years, he’s collaborated with artists such as SER, SD, and Ben Harju, and he produced large-scale quartz installations for STS9 for over a decade. Tyler work is primarily conceptual in nature, evoking themes of the cosmic, celestial, and mystical elements of our world.

Sean Smokovich

Based in Grass Valley, California, Sean Smokovich has developed an inimitable style over nearly two decades creating wearable fine art. Working primarily in gold, platinum, and silver, Smokovich has has collaborated with world-renowned painters such as MARS-1 and Damon Soule and his work has been featured in galleries and high-end gem and mineral exhibitions across the country. Each piece speaks to the interconnectedness of time, nature, and creativity, while creating a perfect aesthetic balance between stone and metal. His traditional lost-wax casting, coupled with masterful, intricate engravings result in stunning work that has redefined standards in the world of fine jewelry.